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Cutest Contact Form Ever

Finishing an update to my artists portfolio page. My goal here was cutest contact form ever.

Write-up on these two pieces, “Brain City in the Sky (Having a seizure)”

"Having a seizure 2: falling out, falling in" 2014, marker and spray paint on canvas, 20"x24"

“Having a seizure: fear and smug” spray paint and marker on canvas, 2014, 20”x24”

This piece is pulling on the mechanics of fear and smug inside the mind of someone having a seizure. With the people running around on fire, you would think that having a seizure was an emergency. On the one hand, it isn’t, and the panic that ensues both during a seizure and after, is totally a lavishing of attention on someone. On the other hand, it still isn’t an emergency, but this is a silent terror that could happen at any time, anywhere, in the middle of anything.